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Time magazine has reported that there may be some solid science behind claims that skin creams help keep your skin looking young, but there is no solid scientific evidence that non-prescription skin creams help to prevent thinning and wrinkling.

Some of the creams that are advertised to help prevent wrinkling may actually cause it.

Many Alpha Hydroxy, Estrogen and Retin-A creams rely on exfoliation to reverse or counter the aging process.

These creams actually peel off the outer layer of skin to make the skin appear more shiny. Many women who use them get a peel and redness that is not flattering. 

Evidently constant application of creams may strip off the protective keratin layer that covers the skin, increase fluid loss and actually increase wrinkling.

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Eleven separate studies have shown that estrogen creams thicken the skin and help to prevent wrinkling, but you can get estrogen cream only by prescription. The data shows that the best ways to prevent wrinkles are avoidance of sunlight, smoking, harsh winds and  non-prescription, exfoliating facial creams. 

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