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Benefits of Healthy Skin

Skin is the largest human organ and it plays a vital role as your body’s first line of defense against infection and other harsh elements.

Even small breaks in dry skin are entry points that can lead to bacterial and viral infections.

Dry skin conditions are often associated with microangiopathy (when the blood vessels can't get an adequate supply of nutrients to the skin cells). This impairs skin hydration and prolongs the healing process.

Moisturized, intact skin is your body’s best defense against bacteria and viruses because it is a naturally occlusive barrier that keeps moisture in and infectious agents out.

Science of Skin Care

Science of Skin CAre

Ordinary skin care products work by coating the skin with a layer of oils, waxes, silicone or petroleum gel which helps prevent the loss of moisture already present in your skin.

Unfortunately, many people have occupational situations or medical conditions that cause their skin to be so depleted of moisture that popular moisturizers which simply retain existing moisture are not sufficient.

If you suffer from certain medical conditions or work in dirty, extremely dry or wet environments, you probably are already familiar with the problem of extremely dry skin.

To restore your skin to good health, you must actively replenish the moisture down to the deeper layers, not just cover the skin.

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