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Name: Jackie Frantescu
Prov: ON
Country: Canada

This stuff is so amazing!! The Dermal Heel & Finger Therapy Care. I have been using it for years, the ingredients does the trick, Urea is good it softens and smothes skin. All my friends know about it I print coupons for them or direct them to the website. This product is reasonably priced at Walmart, depends on the Walmart the shelf is usually well stocked. Thank You Dermal Therapy.

Name: Angela Ibarra Elizondo
Prov: Nuevo León
Country: México

Hello! I am from México and i have since i was born Ichtyosis Lamellar, i have ven trying a lot of crems all my life, the problem is when the company or the pharmacy discontinue them. The past month i found the Dermal therapy lotion And bought ir on Amazon and I AM VERTYHAPPY!! Now my concern is how to buy it cheaper and lot of quantities, because 1 cream Of 8z last just 1 week, And i need it every single day. Can You help me with this? THANK YOU!!!!

Username:  Stephen Krahn
Prov: BC
Date: 24 Nov 2015


I used your product for the first time yesterday. I have had dry, cracked feet for years and have tried many different products, none that have worked. Dermal Therapy worked instantly! Congratulations on an amazing product!!

From: Julie Cannon
Sent: Friday, November 06, 2015 4:29 AM

Subject: Re: Shipping details on your dermal therapy order

Hi Kim

I wish to thank you for the speedy delivery of my order, it reached me in a week.
These creams are amazing! Although the weather is quite humid here at the moment and my icthyosis is a little better in this weather, the creams are working wonderfully.
I will definitely be purchasing on a regular basis.
From the bottom of my heart...
Thank you

Julie-ann Cannon

Name: Rose Roda
Prov: ON
Country: Canada

Your heel cream is a miracle. I've suffered from cracked, unsightly heels all my adult life and tried everything. Your herl cream, applied every day for a week did the trick. Now I just maintain once a week. I too could be a spokesperson. I bought mine at a promo show at Costco and now I'm trying to buy more for friends and family. Costco doesn't carry the product, but Walmart does but is out-of stock. Guess I'll have to purhase online-love tjis product!

Name: Melissa

I'm pregnant. Do any of your products prevent stretch marks? I've been ordering your product for my mild ichthyosis vulgaris and nothing has ever worked so well without a prescription. I trust you guys!

To: Alan Perlmutter <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 30, 2015 4:01 PM
Subject: Re: Dermal Therapy Contact


As the crack in my heal wasn't getting any better I've decided to use this 14.5 yr-old cream of yours (no ammonia's smell). To my amusement after applying it 3 times I'd say 75% of crack disappeared ( and a painful sensation as well)!!!

I could have been your spokesman *:) happy.


Name: Michelle
Prov: CA
Country: USA

I've suffered from ichthyosis vulgaris all my life with scaling and flaking on the legs, abdomen, trunk, arms, name it. After trying so many different lotions and creams, dermal therapy's 10% urea/10% AHA lotion is consistently and by far the best I've ever tried. I'm a customer for life. I can't even begin to say how grateful I am to have found this lotion and how much it has changed my skin for the better. Incredible product and incredible company. Thank you so much.

Name: Erin
City: Meadville
Prov: PA
Country: USA

Their LesPain spray product (which is not listed as one of their products on this site, but is available if you call and ask for it) is an absolute must-have for me and my constant pain following surgery for lung cancer. When applied to my intercostal muscle (on the front of my chest) it relaxes the muscle and allows me to breathe freely. I also use it on the scars on my back from two chest tubes, and two entry points for video-assisted surgery (which did not work for me so I had to have a full lobectomy - ouch!!) I can not say enough good things about LesPain! I have given some to others with pain after cancer surgery and they have found the same relief. It also helps with sprained/strained joints and muscles. If you have pain of any sort it is worth calling them and asking if LesPain might work for you. I have used this product for at least 5 years.... it has been a part of my 'self-care' plan for so long I really don't remember when I actually started using! it!! I strongly urge you to call and talk to someone at Dermal Therapy for help with any pain you may have! Do it, do it, do it!!! Once you feel the relief from the pain you will thank me and more importantly thank Dermal Therapy!!!!

Name: Marina
City: Balakovo
Country: Russia

These creams wonderful! My son ichthyosis. We tried many different creams. Nothing helped. After application of Alpha Hydroxy Lotion miracle happened !!! The skin began to look much better. Will definitely buy another. Thank you for such wonderful products !!!!These creams wonderful! My son ichthyosis. We tried many different creams. Nothing helped. After application of Alpha Hydroxy Lotion miracle happened !!! The skin began to look much better. Will definitely buy another. Thank you for such wonderful products !!!!

Name: Emily
City: Seneca
Prov: SC
Country: US

I am 21 and have had ichthyosis vulgaris my entire life. It's mostly on my legs and looks terrible pretty much the entire year except for the few months of summer. Unfortunately, every doctor and dermatologist I've ever seen has called it eczema and suggested creams specifically for eczema so obviously they have never worked. About two months ago, my mom and I discovered by googling that I did not have eczema and we found this site. I was skeptical because I've tried so many different creams over the years, but this lotion has seriously changed my life. After using the lotion for about a month, my legs look about 80% better. My friends and family can't believe how well it has worked. I even have a before and after picture that's incredible. It's crazy to me that I'm applying less lotion daily than I ever have, yet my legs look better than they ever have. Couldn't be more pleased with this miracle lotion!

From: Barb Harrison
Sent: Monday, December 22, 2014 1:25 PM
Subject: RE: Dermal Therapy Contact

What a wonderful product!  I have used it for several days now and my hands are healing beautifully.  Some of the leathery thick skin seems to be softening too.  I am very pleased with this product.  It is the best softening and healing lotion I have ever used.  I often have an allergic reaction and get itchy bumps when I use lotions.  I have had absolutely no itching or rashes.  I am so excited to have learned about this. It even works on my face with not breakouts.  The redness and thick skin is softening on my face too.

November 29, 2014 via email

I swim masters with a group of adults at the Y in Kamloops.
I was bragging about how great the dermal therapy heel care works on my face.
Love it.
The girls suggested I should make sure it’s ok to use on my face.
(never thought of that).
They said if I start looking younger they will start to use it too.
So. . . is it safe for face?  It feels great.
Shelley Joyce

From: Alan Perlmutter
Sent: November-29-14 9:37 PM
Subject: Re: Hello!

It can do no harm but you will like the feel of our Extra Strength Body Lotion or Face Care better

Thank you
Alan Perlmutter

Name: Harriet Kumar, CNP
City: Cincinnati
Prov: OH
Country: USA

I am a Nurse Practitioner in Oncology at the University of Cincinnati. I used to work in Minnesota and we had free samples of your hand and heel care cream for our patients getting chemotherapies that cause very bad hand-foot skin reactions. These are best treated/prevented with creams that have a high content of urea. Is there a way to get samples for our patients here in Cincinnati. Our population is mostly poor and underserved. Harriet Kumar, CNP

Name: Wilma Hamilton
City: New York
Prov: New York
Country: United States

My husband suffers from icthyosis and tried many products with no help. We ordered your product and it is a miracle. Best thing. Wilma

Name: Gulnar Qurbanova
City: Shirvan
Country: Azerbaijan

Hi! I want to thank you all for the best product and safe delivery of my order to Azerbaijan. I am really surprised from the result for a short period of time. I will keep ordering these products. Best regards.

Name: Amy
Prov: KS
Country: USA

Hello my name is Amy. I am a nurse at an outpatient chemotherapy clinic. Our patients love your product! I was wondering if it would be possible to get some samples of your product to give to our patients? Thanks you so much!

Username:  David Frech
City:      Sault Ste. Marie
Prov:      ON
Country:   Canada
Date:      14 Apr 2014


Just want to tell you how helpful Dermal Therapy for Hand/elbow/knees is for me.  Use it on my hands from Oct. to June (during cold weather) when my skin on my fingers crack, bleed and ache;  your product has given me so much relief. I use it every day.  Also, thrilled that there is no animal testing with your products.  That makes me very happy.  Thank you so much.
Sincerely,  David Frech

Username:  Renee LaBute
City:      Windsor
Prov:      Ontario
Country:  Canada


Hello,I am just writing to let you know that I have recently started using
your Dermal Therapy Heel care and it is the best product I have found thus far for my cracked heels. I have been a type 1 diabetic for almost 14 years, so I have tried many different types of foot creams (even some creams from my doctor). Thanks to your fantastic product, my feet are in great condition! My search for the perfect foot cream is over and I will continue to use Dermal Therapy. Thanks for making such a great product! Sincerely,
Renee LaBute.
Jayne Mitchell
Derry NH
United States

I have suffered with icthyosis since birth and this is the best product I have ever used!!!!!

Username:  Karine Leblanc
City:      Montreal
Prov:      Quebec
Country:  Canada



I just want to tell you that I've been really satisfied with the Hand, elbow and knee cream. I've had really bad eczema on my hands. Sometimes it was so bad I had trouble holding a pen. I've been using your cream since August and since then, no more redness, scratching or cracks. I've tried every cream possible, even the ones with cortisone and they weren't as good as yours.
I recommand your products to every person I know who have dry skin or eczema.

Thank you again,
Karine Leblanc

Name: Loretta  Letendre
City / Prov: Lac la Hache BC

Works the best of any product I have every used for the feet! Lac la Hache, BC.

Name: Martha DeWitte Fairless
City / Prov: Kitchener ON

Tried finger care quite a number of years ago ... it is absolutely the best product out there ... nothing compares

Name: Shawna Wingo
City / Prov: Gray, TN Country United States

Comments: I found this lotion on a community website for a skin condition called "Ichthyosis or fish scale" I Love, Love this lotion...NO FLAKES! I paired it with a natural handmade soap called Voda soap. I simply shower with the soap and towel dry off and apply the lotion. After the first couple of showers the skin began to roll off with the towel. No flakes from the first application though and that is worth it's weight in Gold!

Name: Jk
Country: Thailand

I'm Asian woman. I've been suffering with my skin problem since I was a little girl. It is kind of itchyioasis and no cream is working for me at all. I almost give up with this thing but I met this dermaterapy lotion on the webboard by accident then I order it via the online website. After the treatement, i found it worked for me and WELL DONE!!! Result as I saw my skin texture was smoothe then i ever have been even though I feel itchy on my skin over 30 minutes. Well, I'll keep using it in which I still have three more bottles in my stock. Thank you so much :)

Username:  Carla
City:      Etobicoke
Prov:      ON
Country:   Canada


I just purchased your Heel Care product and was quite stunned with how quickly it healed my skin. Thank you very much for this excellent product. I will recommend it to anyone I know with heel skin problems. And I will continue to purchase your products!

Name: Lee McMorran
City: Vancouver
Prov: BC
Country: Canada

Hi I'm on my feet 6 - 9 hrs every week day; my feet are sore at the end of the day. Have used Dermal Therapy Heel Care over 2 years now and it is the THE BEST Moisturizer ever. I had tried lots of products prior to discovering Dermal Therapy at my local London Drugs. I definitely positively talk about the wonderful way my feet feel now! Thanks for your product and the way it helps me 'get up and do it (work) all over again' Cheers Lee

Name: Terry Muse
City / Province St Petersburg, FL
Country United States
Comments Your product is the only one that treats my dry condition effectively

Name:                  Melody Baker
City / Province San Andreas, CA
Country United States
Comments I have been using heel care for over 13 years now. I originally found it at Walmart. As far as I know, they haven't carried it for years, so I have been ordering it ever since. Nothing else on the planet keeps my heels from cracking!

Name: Brytni N.
City: Sunbury
Prov: Pennsylvania
Country: United States


All my life I have had very dry, and sometimes sensitive, skin. My skin became very embarrassing a few years ago when it became extremely flaky, and nothing was working. Being in water and/or exfoliating made it worse and no oils, lotions, or creams were working at this point. I tried to cover up as much of my body as possible, because I was so embarrassed of my skin, and when people did see it, they didn't understand it and were grossed out because it wasn't the norm (thus leading to more embarrassment..). I then went to the dermatologist and was diagnosed with Ichthyosis. He prescribed a prescription lotion (which the cost was a little high for the little amount I was receiving) which lessened the flakes, but I still had them. I then started research online to find something to help with the embarrassing problem. HELLO ALPHA HYDROXY LOTION! This lotion has seriously changed my life. I don't have the flakes at all anymore! And my skin isn't even really dry! I would recommend this to anyone with dry skin, or especially someone with Ichthyosis. It's a miricle in a bottle! :)

Name: Salima
City: Edmonton
Prov: AB
Country: Canada

Hello, my sister and I are both using the Alpha Hydroxy Lotion since last year, and we both love it, it is almost like we can't live with out this lotion, we had spend so much money on other products and nothing helped us. anyways Thanks so much for this product. I was wondering if you have a product or a lotion and or face cream for face too, as we both have Ichtyosis, and our face is so sinsative to other creams, sun and dryness. tahnks so much for your time reading my email and getting back to me.

Name: Christie Ferguson
City: Ayr
Prov: ON
Country: Canada

I have had extremely sore heals where deep cracks develop and even bleed for years. I must tell you that I have tried probably close to every product out there until I came upon yours. I have even resorted to super glue!! I am so thankful for finding Dermal therapy as it truly has made a huge impact on me. Walking used to be so painful as the cracks would open/stretch every time I stepped down. With one or two applications of your cream, the pain goes away and the crack is healing. If you have noticed an increase in sales over the last two years...I might be why LOL I tell everyone I know about your product! I tell them where to get it and that they must try it! I would be pleased to hand out samples for you to those I speak to - I have a consulting business and meet hundreds of people regularly and if this topic comes up in conversation, believe me I highly recommend Dermal Therapy! Let me know if I can help... :)

Name: Sofia
City: Stockholm
Country: Sweden

Its been 28 yrs I was living with a dry skin and esp.dry flaky legs which I never had the guts to expose.Now after using the Alpha Hpdroxy lotion , yes I can. Thanks a million Dermal Therapy for such a "wonder lotion".I have used so so many moisturizers in the market all good till 1-2 hrs of application and then afterwards all back to the same!My hubby used to make fun of me(though lovingly) that I literally bath in creams !Finally i have found this after a research over internet.Its a blessing to all dry skin condition people around the world and it is what it says!! Kodos to all involved in the research and developed Dermal Therapy products!!!

Name: Greg Hardin
City: Greenwood, IN

Am 62 years old & have had a skin condition called ichthyosis my whole life in which the skin on my arms & legs resembles alligator skin. It is EXTREMELY DRY and UGLY! I decided to give Dermal Therapy a try after an internet search on ichthyosis, I was very skeptical, as it is not cheap & I had never had much luck with any other products. I can't thank you enough for talking me into giving this a try! After approx. 1 month, my skin is WAY better than it has EVER been in winter. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Donna  Gray
Houston TX
United States

Thanks for making these wonderful products and solving my many skin problems! You can not find one product in Houston with Urea.

Name: Angela Farr
City: Marietta
Prov: Ohio
Country: USA

i got a free sample of this a few years ago and I LOVE it its works great and has been the only thing i can find that helps my dry skin.

Andrew Sweet
Denver CO
United States
Heard By: Doctor

Thanks...this is a great product for me and my family. I refer people to you all the time. Nice work !

Laurie Baker
Woodland Park CO
United States

I have been using DT Heel Care for years. It is the only product that keeps my diabetic heels in good condition. I recommend it to everyone, and now you have more customers! 

Name: Mona Smooke
City: Dartmouth
Prov: NS
Country: Canada

Amazing miracle cream that I have come across on the shelf of my local pharmacy. Why don't doctors recommend this cream. I have suffered with dry cracked heels for the past 4 yrs and nothing worked for me. No one knows about this little miracle in a jar. MY feet are looking and feeling very good and I can use the tips of the fingers again to do day to day things. Thank you so much.

Name: Mehboob a. Ahmed
City: Fremont
Prov: California
Country: USA

I have been using your product for last 15 years with great satisfection. That should be proof enough that it is a very good prodct.

Name: Ashley Klages
City: Elmwood
Prov: Ontario
Country: Canada

I love your dermal therapy heel cream! I am a foot care nurse and recommend this product to everyone. 

Name: Joy McElheron
City: Victoria
Prov: BC
Country: Canada

Your heel cream is like a miracle. My endocrinolgist recommended it to me I think at least 10 years ago. I had huge dry splits in my heels the doctor said was because of my hypothyroidism. Within a week of using it the cracks disappeared. I have since recommended it to everyone who has a problem with dry skin. Where in Victoria can it be purchased? I had stocked up buy I have a friend who does pedicures and wants to buy it.

Username:  Donna Lambert
City: Brockville
Prov:      Ontario
Country:  Canada
Date:      26 Apr 2012


I have tried all kinds of prescription creams and over the counter creams for my feet, elbows and hands and being a nurse I have found dermal therapy the only product that really works for me and my family.

Username:  A.W.Dingle
Date:      06 Apr 2012


Dermal therapy has been the only product to help my hands after chemical burns. They had lost all elasticity and would continually crack. Its a great product that I will continue to use, thanks.

Feb 3, 2012, at 11:58 AM,
"The Sawyers Family"

I just had to let you know, I purchased a tube of this product last night at Costco.  I've used it just twice, and I already see and FEEL the difference and improvement to my feet.

I've tried almost everything on the market, and I can truly say that your product is amazing!

Thanks so much,
Jennifer Sawyers
Newmarket Ontario

Username:  Lisa Theiss
City:      Edmonton
Prov:      AB
Country:  Canada
Date:      25 Jan 2012


I am a 39 year old mom of two children and last year my heels starting cracking really bad even though I used cream and footfile all the time.  I went to Walmart Canada as my foot started bleeding due to cracking.  They recommended to try Dermal Therapy.  I did and within one week my feet felt great and smoothe.  I will not use anything else from now on, but your product.  I did come across a large tube at Costco Canada and was ecstatic as all other stores were small jars.  I am using your product everyday.  Anyway thanks for taking the time to read this, I just wanted you to know I endorse your product to everyone I know and I will never go back to using those fancy smelling footcreams and lotions from other stores when I have found one that truly works.  It is nice to go to bed at night and not have your feet getting snagged on the covers.

Name: Deb Kostialik
City: Stevensville
Prov: Ontario
Country: Canada

I use many of your current products on my hands and feet and I feel I have found a gold mine that I can't live without. thank you

Username:  Helen L. Micks
City:      St. Thomas
Prov:      Ontario
Country:  Canada
Date:      12 Dec 2011


All I can say is I stumbbled upon this in the pharmacy dept and thought I would try it and all I can say is thank-you thank-you. My hands were a mess from the sanitizer and washing my hands constantly at work for the last three months nothing was helping me. After 3 days of using Dermal therapy my hands are finally healing. Also I'm impressed it's made right in my own backyard in Ontario.

Username:  Joanne Lawlor
29 Oct 2011


Hello,  Dermal Therapy Heel Cream was recommded to me by my family doctor (who also uses it).  I find it is the only cream that clears up my dry rough cracked heels.   It's the best heel cream on the market.   I plan to continue to use Dermal Therapy heel cream regularly.   Thank you so much, Joanne

Username:  Deb Kostialik
City: Stevensville
Prov: Ontario
Country: Canada
Date:      10 Aug 2011


This is the best product I have ever used on my feet. They are now healed !! No Cracks. No pain when walking. I am going to be a customer of yours for life. I am going to tell all my friends, and my doctor. I am going to post on facebook. Thankyou for the coupons . Where else in Niagara can I buy your products other than costco?

From: Jeff
To: Alan Perlmutter
Sent: Mon, July 25, 2011 3:23:26 PM
Subject: Re: Dermal Therapy Contact

Yeah after purchasing (they will definitely not go to waste) I tried the 30 percent urea with mandelic  - actually on most of my body and that is great but too early to tell final results - I definitely need the malic/mandelic component - ran through most of the extra strength lotion with malic acid so didn't want to run out of it however the 30 percent urea formula may be even better - will remember to shake it,  not sure what the best combination will end up being yet?  What is the difference between Malic and Mandelic and how high of a percentage can you make it with or would suggest?  I'm also trying using vinegar and then lotions - I do know that combining the extra strength and lachydrin is too much lotion for my pores - started breaking out so am trying to come up with best cycle and or combinations.  Hard to tell exactly what works best but know that the malic and mandelic are exfoliating areas I couldn't positively affect much before!  Eg acne buried under layers of dead skin basically - this is clearing up!  Also, the Dove at first feels/works great but after a day it results in pore blockage.  Bottom line is I think my skin spent rinse well and just clings on to anything so it blocks the pores and just starts to build layers on top if you don't actively exfoliate.  

Thanks a ton!  I'll let you know how things progress. 


From: Sylvia
To: Alan Perlmutter
Sent: Fri, July 22, 2011 9:33:20 AM
Subject: RE: Dermal Therapy

Morning feet are happy feet this hour.I received my Heel Care an hour ago and i am now relaxing with my DT on...its very nice,i will need a day or two to get back to you with a comment worthy of DT.Thank you.That came really fast.I am sure its as good as my original DT.A girl can never have too much DT hahah,I should have done a before ans after photo...have a great weekend.Sylvia.

From: Liu Dan
Sent: Mon, May 2, 2011 11:22:46 AM
Subject: We love your cream!
Hi Alan,

My name is Daniel and I am a chiropodist from North Hamilton Community Health Centre (Niagara region) and I have been giving out samples packets of Dermal Therapy cream to my patients from our Welland , Fort Erie, and Niagara Falls sites.  I have also been handing them out as part of our educational sections at various diabetes expos.  Majority of these patients came back with positive feedback, and have been asking if Dermal Therapy are available in pharmacies of these respected regions.  Unfortunately we have ran out of samples to give out (we are still handing out cards/pamphlets), so would you please and kindly send us more samples?

Thank you!

Username:  Massarath


I tried your heel cream & its amazing job forced me to search for other products for hands and body for example & I am equally happy with them. Keep up the research and quality of your products.

Bill Habekost Jr.
City: Allentown
State: Pa.
Country: U.S.A.

I have tried every other type of hand creme moisturizer,etc. on my dry hands (I work outside in the cold on vehicles)and couldn't get lasting releif no matter how much I paid.I ran out of your "extra strength body lotion" and couldn't find it.

I was finally able to get a bottle and I am now experiencing lasting releif.
I love your product !

Name: Debi Clemans
City: Zionsville
State: IN
Country: US

"Thanks so much!!  It IS perfect…. I love it so much!!  My feet feel softer than the day I was born."

Name: Lisa Coulouris
City: Thunder Bay
Prov: Ontario

Dermal therapy was recommended to my husband by a podiatrist. He is a diabetic who had cracked skin and deep calluses. His feet improved quickly and now are maintained with this wonderful product. Thank you! Username:  Bruce Sheppard
Bay Roberts


I am more than pleased with the results I have seen with the use of your product for heels. Before I used Dermal Therapy, my heels were deeply cracked to the point that I experienced pain when walking. Right now, my heels are thoroughly healed - crack free. I usually apply a small amount after showering. I am amazed !! Thank you for a great product!!

Name: T. Hollings
State: Ga.
Country: USA

I was diagnosed Type-II Diabetic two years ago. Had terrible heel fissures & dry skin cracks that happen year round without your AMAZING Heel cream! THANK YOU & so GLAD I found you online DIRECT  which is how I found your product in the first place! Please don't stop making it! Thanks

Margaret  Linnabary
Sunbury OH
United States
Heard By: Other

I am taking Tarceva. Dermaltherapy ES Body Lotion has been the best! I even use it on my face and it's done wonders. Interesingly, I am using a 1oz sample that came in a Nexavar pak I received at a conference. Great stuff!

thomas watkins sr.
dublin OH
United State
Heard By: Pharmacist

I was told by pfyzer about it and I use it on the red blotches on my arms caused by chemo. I have been using it for over 2 years and the walmarts here in columbus tells me that they dont sell it any more, this is the second time that I have ordered direct from you.It is hard for a 68 year old man to buy this, but it is the best thing that we can find. thanks a million. tom

Username:  Kristin Ireland



I just wanted to say thank-you for such a fantastic product. After years of prescription creams to treat the cracked skin on my feet with little improvement the cracks have now sealed after just one week with Dermal Therapy. I cannot thank you enough!

Name: Gina
City: DeRidder
Prov: LA
Country: USA


I am thrilled with the results of these products. I have a teenage daughter who has ichthyosis and the medicine her dermatologist perscribed just didn't work. Started researching on my own and read about your products. Figured it couldn't hurt to try and she has been so happy with the results. Thank you so much and keep up the great work
Name: Melody Baker
City / Province San Andreas, CA
Country United States
Comments Just wanted to thank you for your great products! I have been using them for over 12 years. I have extremely dry skin, and there is absolutely nothing else that will keep my heels from cracking and my skin from flaking and peeling.

Username:  Sheela
City:      calgary
Prov:      alberta
Country:   canada
Date:      26 Jun 2010


Hi, my name is Sheela.  I live in Calgary, Albert, Canada.  I have used many products over the years, due to my extra dry skin. Two weeks, Somebody told me about the dermal therapy products.  I went and bought the heel cream, I used it the first time and my heels were healed.  I couldn't believe the results. I just wanted to say thank you for making amazing products.  THANK YOU,

From: Pamela Waterson
Sent: Wed, June 9, 2010 1:46:11 PM
Subject: Dermal Therapy
Just wanted to say “Wow!” what a great product!  

After spending a month walking through Asia , my feet were in need of some TLC.  I used Gehwol for a week and half with no results, before stumbling onto your product in Costco.  After using Dermal Therapy for one week, I cannot believe the difference!

You have a new fan!

Pamela Waterson

Username:  Dorota Lemczyk
Nova Scotia
11 Jun 2010


Dear Dermal Therapy,
Since 2004 I have been struggling with painful,very dry,cracked skin on my fingers. The dermatologist diagnosed it as dermatitis. I have unsuccessfully tried many products on the market to help heal my skin.
I got some relief with topical steroid cream but nothing lasting.

I work as a nurse so my hands are frequently exposed to many irritants. I tried Dermal Therapy Finger cream on the advice of a pharmacist. Having tried 51 , yes fifty one, other products before, I had little faith. But after one day of using your cream my fingers looked and felt much better. After one week, they are almost healed. You have no idea how grateful I am to you and the pharmacist who recommended your product. I look forward to trying your other products in the nearest future.The first time in 6 years I have normal looking fingers that are not painful.

From the bottom of my heart,thank you.

Name: enola wong
City: nackawic
Prov: nb
Country: canada


I am emailing you cause I have had cracked heels for most of my adult life. I have tried every kind of lotion and creme and found no relief. I stumbled upon your product by accident and decided well I might as well give it a try and have not had to worry about cracked heels since. I recommend your product to everyone I can that suffers from dry skin..thank you so much I can enjoy walking again...

Name: Solange Heikamp
City: Smithville
Prov: ON


Your heel cream is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  I was a complete sceptic about using this cream but after three people at the pharmacy recommended it, I decided to give it a try.  Boy, am I ever happy I did!! Whithin 2 days, my feet which were so cracked they were catching on my socks and were incredibly painful are almost completely healed !!!!! I really can't believe it because I have been trying for more than 6 months to fix my feet. After only a few applications I saw an immediate difference.  I will certainly keep using this product and will recommend it!!

Name: Carolyn Marmion
City: Glasford
Prov: IL
Country: USA

I have tried so many products over the years for my ichthyosis. Pills, creams, lotions, salt water, you name it. I absolutely love the Alpha Hydroxy Lotion. I bought a bottle for me & one for my 14yr old niece who is very self concious about her ichthyosis as well. This has been the best thing ever. Usually we go thru the winter with skin that hurts so bad you can't stand it. This year so far has been tolerable. My husband has even commented that this is the best that my skin has ever felt to him. Thanks so much. I will be ordering more

Name: Ruth Rosenfield
City: Stoughton
Prov: MA
Country: USA


I just started using your products about two months ago. Started with the finger care cream and the heel care cream, then bought the extra strength moisturizer. They are all terrific and really do the job. As a diabetic, I have extremely dry skin, and it had been hard to find products that actually worked...until I found Dermal Therapy products. What a difference they have made! I do have one request, however. I use the finger care cream constantly, and I'm wondering if you could package it in either a larger container or give some sort of quantity discount for buying larger amounts? You do that with the heel care cream, but not with the finger care cream. Thanks for your consideration...and thanks for making such great products!

Dermal Therapy note - We do not package the Finger Care in a larger format because it uses such a high proportion of therapeutic ingredients that it will dry out before it is completely used up. If drying occurs, add a bit of water and mix.

Name:  Dr. Deborah Caddigan
City:      Ottawa
Prov:      Ontario
Country:  Canada
Date:      20 Jan 2010


Excellent product that I recommend to all my patients.

Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2009 1:55 PM
Subject: Re: Dermal Therapy orders

hi kim,

i have got ichtheosis all over my body from head to foot and i have tried all the creams in the uk and nothing has worked for me ever....this last ten years i have not used anything and just suffered the winters and the embaressment of flaking skin, and i have been single all my life and i am fed up of that kind of life.

i was looking for aha creams and just happened to come across your site and i loved all the letters people have sent to you with my problem and i want something to work for me and i think this may be the one, if a cream is going to work for me at all.

i have just put the cream on all over my body and it was stinging me at first but that sting has now gone away,and i think it may be a good cream but its too early to tell at this moment.

if it is good for me your firm will have altered my life, i will start to date girls for the first time and i may even wear a T shirt for the first time and not get stupid coments from the public when i wear long sleeves

bye for now julian.

Sent: Tuesday, December 15, 2009 10:13 AM
Subject: Re: Dermal Therapy orders

hello kim,
your firm has changed my life with these creams ,i am now a customer for life,
have a happy christmas.

bye for now julian.

Sent: Wednesday, November 18, 2009 1:08 AM
Subject: Re: DTR Order #1070452149

I received my order last week, and I just had to write to tell you how wonderful these products are!  After only a few days' use, my fingers and my heels are both already free from cracks and dry skin.  Nothing else I have ever tried has worked this well.  Thank you so much!

Ruth Rosenfield

Ben White
Monrovia CA
United States
Sep 28, 2009

Hello, I've used your products for years and have given dozens of tubes of hand cream away to my friends. Without a doubt, this is the only and best product on the market to really work. I am a carpenter and my hands would get so chapped and dry that they were painful. Lucky for me 20 years ago a druggist in San Francisco recommended your cream and I've been pain free ever since. Keep up the good work, best regards, Ben White

Username:  Dixie Marchuk
City:      Lang
Prov:      Sk.
Country:  Canada
Date:      24 Sep 2009


I have never endorsed a product before, but had to this time. I am 63 year old woman who has suffered with cracked heels for over fifty years. I have tried every product on the market, have had doctors prescribe creams, even had them scraped in 70's, big mistake. Only relief I was getting was to soak and cut off skin with corn shaver.

My second oldest son went to china town in calgary, and lady recommended your product for his foot, and of coarse it worked for him. He then started bugging me to try it, and to finally shut him up, I did, not believing for one minute it would work. WRONG, I now for first time since I was kid I have normal heels, cannot get over it, no more pain, no more being embarrassed. This product worked in two weeks, I's made in Canada, and I have never heard of it before??? not that I would have believed any advertising to start with because I had stopped trying any products. Price is fair, product is a  wonder, and I will continue useing for the rest of my life. Thankyou!!!

Username:Debbie Mcbride
City: Toronto
Prov: Ont
Country: Canada
Date: 08 Jun 2009


Your product dermal therapy for cracked heels was recommended to me by a pharmacist and it is amazing!!! usually i need a pedicure first however this is the first product that worked and i didn't need one...thus saving money and time..i recommend this to my friends and coworkers..and we are on our feet alot because we teach..i will continue to buy this..thank you so much....peace and love...

I really like the Hand Elbow Know Cream.  Although not as potent as the Hand Cream I was using previously (I can tell, because it takes many more applications to see the results), it is an excellent replacement for other hand creams I've used, and with twice a day use for several days, the problem cleared up nicely.  I continue to use it during these cold, dry days, as a preventative, assuming that there is no adverse affect from daily use ... ?

Hopefully Shoppers will be prepared to order more for me when I run out; they seemed to be very constrained in their ordering flexibility, when I picked up the Foot Cream, but perhaps if I take this container ... and persist ... this store is new to the SDM family, so maybe they are not yet comfortable with how things work.

John F. Wilson

Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 12:25:00 PM
We recently moved out in country, it is much colder and dry here, Had intensive foot surgery on the left foot, the heel had cracked and the cuticles around my fingers.The Pharmacist recommended Dermaltherapy, it worked the first day, this product is amazing, use if for the ingrown toe nail I get after having surgery, it softens the nail and no more pain! Had never heard of the product before. Thankyou!!!!!  Jenifer Wolf

Date:        13 Jan 2009


I'm not sure why this product works, but I have very cracked heels and I've given lots of products a chance.  I saw this in Shoppers Drug Mart and thought it was too expensive,  but decided to give it a try as nothing else was working.  I put it on the trouble area of my foot, left it on over night and the results were unbelievable.  I would highly recommend this product.

It also is used in nursing homes and my aunt has been having the less
concentrated lotion put on her and her skin is so soft and as the product
says, restores moisture and it has in her skin. She is in her 90's and her
skin looks 70 years young.

Sent: Saturday, October 25, 2008 8:50 PM
Subject: Re: Dermal Therapy
My husband works for Bayer Healthcare in Lynnwood, Washington and he brought home a bottle of Dermal Therapy Body Lotion from the annual benefit fair. I used it on a scar that I have from endometrial cancer surgery last year (I'm fine it was stage 1A - Yeah!) and it worked wonders. My scar stopped itching right away. I've tried everything for the itch and Dermal Therapy is the only thing that works. My sister in-law just had a third baby by c-section, finally a girl :>) and I'm sending her a bottle from this order for her c-section scar as I'm sure it will help her. Anyway. basically just wanted you to know that I'm a customer for life. Thanks!!!

Diana Mullins-Atkinson
Seattle, Washington

Dear Alan,

Just a quick note to let you know I received the hand lotion. Thank you very much.

I think the skin on my hands is as close to "normal" as it has been in many summers.

I am the lady who was told by her doctor about 25 years ago that I have dyshidrosis. It is thickening of the skin on hands and possibly feet, of unknown cause. Problem is - skin thickens and then when one sweats the sweat can't escape normally. This makes the whole problem even worse because the water blisters under the skin thickening the skin even more.

I just want you to know that over the years you have been the most help to me of anyone in the world. When I called you about a month ago my hands were more sore than I remember them being since I was in junior high school. I called you, you sent the products, and my hands are so much better. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Ruth Staley

Username: Leandra Dean
City: Colorado Springs
Prov: CO
Country: USA Date:


I have been an ongoing customer for almost 3 years and am a firm believer in both the efficacy of the products offered at Dermal Therapy as well as the personalized customer service which is atypical in today's market. This is not just a company selling its products...Alan and the rest of the staff are personally invested in the research, development and education relative to understanding many different skin types. I have found Alan to actively demonstrate a passion for the service he provides as well as a genuine interest in and compassion for others who suffer from compromised skin conditions. As my 3-year-old daughter was born with an unknown type of ichthyosis, we routinely use the Heel Care Cream as well as the Alpha-Hydroxy High Potency Moisturizer with outstanding results. I am so grateful to Dermal Therapy for the commitment to education and personalized care in addition to products of unequalled quality and effectiveness.


Just to follow up on on my recent order in the UK last week for the Dermal Therepy Alpha Hydroxy Lotion.

WOW. . . .It really works, its bloody fantastic stuff, it arrived Friday and I've used it four times so far and I'm practically clear of my dry skin. My skin finally feels smooth and nourished and seems to be maintaining its moisture. I can't thank you enough, I feel like a new man. . . I hope that comes across right.

Im interested in a little history, ie how long has your product been on the market and available in the UK. My reason for asking is because I feel the medical profession needs a kick in the pants as they have been filling me with pills for years and I now have bad joints as a result of this . . . medication?

I may be interested in buying direct from yourselves as the cost hear is over £20 per bottle, and I realize that includes shipping, but considering your prices, its not cheap, nearly three times more.

many, many thanks again


Username:  Brandy Muhn
City:      Knoxville
Prov:      TN
Date:      09 Apr 2008


I just wanted to let you and everyone else know that I absolutely love your products. I am 23 years old and have had hereditary ichtyosis vulgaris since I was a baby. I have tried everything I thought there was to try, including: soaking in baby oil (gross), covering myself with vaseline at night from my neck to my toes (gross again), dozens of steroid creams (both prescriptive and OTC), I've spent thousands of dollars over my short life on different things that have either not worked at all, I had a reaction to, or would work for a week or so and then stop working.... until I stumbled upon your products. I have used the Heel cream, the face lotion, extra strength body lotion, and the alpha-hydroxy lotion. I love them all. I have recently become a Pediatric Nurse and my hands get SO dry from using all the alcohol cleansers. I just purchased the hand cream and the hand sanitizer. If they are anything like your other products, I know I won't be disappointed. I use the face lotion and extra stength body lotion mixed together for my scalp! It works wonders. I've tried half a dozen prescription shampoos, and another 1/2 dozens OTC shampoos, none work better than this combination at getting my scalp moisturized and not flaky. As for the heel cream, before I used it my feet would horrendous! They would bleed all the time, no matter the time of year. Now, they'll be ready for flip flops come summer:) Once again, thank you for creating such great products :)  Much Appreciation, Brandy Muhn

From: joyce davies
To: alan@
Sent: Tuesday, February 5, 2008 10:57:04 AM
Just received my order this morning.
Just want to say thank you, for such a speedy response to an order. Doesn't happen very often- so you are way out in front.

Thanks J Davies
Burlington Ont.

Username: April Thies
Prov: OH
Country: USA
Date: 01 Feb 2008


Is there any where in the US you can by the Dermal Therapy Alpha Hydroxy Lotion in stores? I have had terribly dry skin in the winter for years, and this is by far the best lotion I have ever used. I cannot explain how much this has helped me. I will continue to order on-line -- for me it is really not a big deal. However many of my friends have tried it and like it also. I know most of them will not take the time to go on-line and buy.

I am so very very pleased with your product and the service I have received when I order. It really has been a miracle lotion for me.

Thanks April Thies

To: April Thies
Sent: Saturday, February 2, 2008
Subject: Re: Website Feedback

Thank you for your kind endorsement. We have kept the cost of this product low by making and selling it directly.

Any store can order directly from us but we do not have a sales force selling it.

Alan Perlmutter

From: Mike Ruiter
Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2007 7:27:35 PM
Subject: Order
Hi Folks,

Some time ago I received several packets of your Dermal Therapy Heel Care lotion from my local Bayer representative. I brought some home for my wife to use and she LOVES the product. If is the only foot lotion she has found that allows her feet to feel soft and smooth, all day long.

I just placed an order for the product on your website. Thank you for making this fine product available!


Mike Ruiter
Kalamazoo, MI USA

Username: Rita Marrocco
City: Toronto
Prov: Ontario
Country: CA
Date: 14 Dec 2007


Hi _ I am a fan of Dermaltherapy.
First met it at a Canadian Diabetes Assn meeting, and samples were given out.
I am not diabetic - but family members, as well as I, find it the best skin care we have ever found.
After digging in the garden - without gloves - my hands are very dry.
Nothing helps like Dermaltherapy, and visitors always look for it here.

Username:  C Sinclair
City:      Torrington
Prov:      Connecticut
Country:    USA
Date:      13 Dec 2007


I JUST ordered  2-Body Lotion and 1-Finger Cream,   

Your product, by-the-way, is a MIRACLE!  I have been telling anyone who'll listen!  I even write to the doctors columns in The Hartford Courant  when they suggest remedies for cracking fingers.  It's ridiculous the things people will suggest.  It occurred to me (on my own) that my fingers seemingly were not able to absorb moisture, so using Bag Balm or hand lotions never worked.  I put on your cream (a year ago) and it was like a magic key that unlocked my hand's ability to absorb!  During the day now, I can use hand cream like a normal person.. I must at night however apply a little bit of your Dermal Therapy for lotions to work.

I work in a dry cleaners and with handling the fabric and paper all day, my hands dried out a lot. They were bad before this anyway and I guess with age it just gets worse - my job doesn't help though.  My hands were so bad the pain was excruciating and I couldn't do any house work. I had all my fingers bandaged up and couldn't stick them in water till they healed.  Now with the cream I can just go and 'live my life' free of bleeding painful fingers.   My hands improved so much I went to a professional manicurist for the very first time last Christmas as I felt my hands finally were starting to look feminine and I wanted them to look pretty.. Something I was unable to do before I discovered your products. 

I can't thank you enough for putting out this product!

Hello, I would want to alert you how much I am in love with your product for the body. My bottle has just finished and I would want to have the whole collection because it is soo effective. I like to apply this product on my body and I went back to the pharmacy John coutu but they have only a little bit of the product on their shelves because you stopped making it. I have excessively dry skin everywhere and I relieved at last to find the solution with your product so I am very sad to learn I can not get more. I went to Pharmaprix and they did not have any of your product.

I would want to ask you please why you do not market such a good product since I would like about it to obtain a good supply of all these! good "dermal theraphy" products directly at my residence. I am ready to pay for all these good products in advance.

This is the first time that I find product with such a silky effect on my skin and is not greesy. I have a bathroom full of all sorts of products, but none as good. I want have a ton of yours as it is necessary for the remainder of my days, I am in "Love" with your products.

Thank you for your understanding.

Elisabeth Coicou

Dermal Therapy's reply

Thank you very much for your dedication to our products. You can order any of the products from this website by clicking HERE

Hello Dermal Therapy,

My name is Michael. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States. I have already bought 4 different Dermal Therapy products. I have a skin condition called Ichthyosis. From head to toe my skin is very dry and tight all year long. In some places such as my scalp, face, shoulders, and feet, my skin is not only very dry and tight but also flaky, scaly and very raw. Using your products have helped alot. I spoke to you on the phone twice, asked some questions and your suggestions have been fantastic. For instance,

1. My lips are constantly dry and chapped even though I never lick them. It is like this all year long. You suggested using the finger care on my lips. At first, I started off using the extra strength body lotion. That helped greatly but the body lotion didn't last the whole day. Then I switched to the finger care on my lips and that works very good, all day long.

2. The inside of my nostrils are also constantly dry and sometimes I get nosebleeds. I had been using bacitracin to moisturize the inside of my nose. You suggested that I could use the face cream or a combination of the face cream and extra strength body lotion. Right now, I am using the combination of the face cream and extra strength body lotion and it is working much better than the bacitracin.

3. On my scalp, I am using a combination of the face cream and the extra strength body lotion. It really helps to break up the build up on my scalp and after I use it my scalp feels cool and hydrated and no longer tight.

5. For areas of my body that are just dry and not scaly or flaking, I have been making my own body sprays. For about a year I had been just using water and glycerin. Then I spoke to you on the phone and you said it would be best if I bought some urea and added it to my sprays. You suggested I use 10% urea and 2%-3% glycerin. I have since bought the urea and tried that mixture and it works great. It is much better than plain water and glycerin. Thank You.

Thank You so much for your suggestions, they have helped me greatly.
Thank You,

----- Original Message -----

From: Esty G

To: alan

Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 1:27 AM

Subject: Re: [KIDNEY-ONC] Hand-Foot Technique

My husband  is on Sutent for 9 months.He recently developed foot blisters.Everything we tried including Bag Balm, Udderly Smooth and other lotions didn't seem  to make a big difference. Finally we received samples distributed by Bayer for Nexavar users with hand and foot syndrome.  We used this Dermaltherapy- Extra strength body lotion  (10% Urea) with great results. We ordered it directy from the manufacturer in Canada. We used it also during the 2 weeks off Sutent as a preventative. No blisters appeared on this foot when a new "On  cycle" started.The company also makes a Heel Care cream with 25% Urea, which we used last night  and this morning when the blisters appeared on the other (non treated) foot. Redness, pain and discomfort were drastically reduced.

The lotion is absorbed very fast and doesn't leave an oily feeling. I was very nervous before he went into the shower but it really didn't feel slippery. I am not sure yet about the cream. I will keep you posted.  



Username: Julie Pandur
City: London
Prov: Ont.
Country: Canada
Date: 12 Jul 2007


 am totally in love with this product- Heel care. I am an esthetician and I incorporate it into my pedicures and recommend it to my clients. The only trouble is, I think it is going to put me out of business! You get instant results! Can you get it in a larger size? The largest I have seen is 5oz.

Hi Alan love your product for heal care, bought the small size to try at the home show in Toronto in March, where can I purchase more, I understand Shopper's Drug Mart.  If so, do Shopper's in Oakville carry it, who can you recommend.





Username: Terri Wood
City: Derry
Prov: NH 03038
Country: USA
Date: 18 May 2007


I have used your hand, elbow, and knee cream, as well as your facial lotion. The products are amazing. My skin is very soft and hydrated with continued use of your products. I have never used any other products with such excellent results. I will remain a very faithful customer. I have just ordered your finger care in hopes of getting rid of my unsightly hangnails. Thank you so very much for keeping your prices affordable. I love your products and will not use anything else. Please keep up the good work, I don't know what I would do without your products!!!!!! Sincerely, Terri Wood

Username: Crystal Tumlinson
City: Corpus Christi
Prov: Texas
Country: United States of America
Date: 23 Mar 2007


I received some dermal therapy in the mail from a friend and tried it out on my ichthyosis.. I absolutely love it and recommend it for any and all people with dry skin.. because of my skin disorder i find it difficult to find anything that helps and doesn't hurt.. thanks a million for your product.

Username: Marjorie Beard
City: Fort Wayne
Prov: Indiana
Country: United States
Date: 10 Mar 2007


Many years ago my doctor told me that the only thing that would help my severly dry skin was urea, and I should look for products that contained this ingredient. So for years I looked everywhere I went and traveled to and never could find any. Then one day I saw Dermal Therapy at the pharmacy I was at and grabbed it up. This stuff really works!!!! I literally couldn't believe it! I had tried everything in the past, and nothing would heal my cracked feet until your products. I now use several of them and I could never recommend these enough to anyone who has dry skin or callus problems. THESE PRODUCTS ARE WONDERFUL!!!!!

Username: Reba Adair
City: Ripley
Prov: Mississipi
Country: USA
Date: 15 Jan 2007
Time: 08:35:05 PM -0500


I used a tube of dermal therapy heel care it was wonderful i will try other products

Username: Colette Daly
City: Naas, Co. Kildare
Country: Ireland
Date: 05 Jan 2007
Time: 07:32:19 AM -0500


I purchased a jar of Dermal TherapyHeel Care 25% urea, 60ml, at Punchestown, Naas, Ireland at a show and its absolutely fantastic I would like to purchase another one as my husband's feet are in a bad state after a lot of work in the garden during the year which necessitated him wearing wellington boots a lot of the time which are detrimental on the feet. I will be using visa, can you let me have cost in euros? or alternatively is it available in any pharmacies or shops in Ireland?

8:13 AM 13/12/06 - Anbar wrote:

Bonjour, (English=below)

Je vous écrit ce courriel afin que vous sachiez que votre produit ‘Dermal’a résolu mon problème de callosité et de talons sèches à mes pieds causés surtout par mon travail. Depuis des années j’ai essayé toutes sortes de produit à base d’acide salicylque sous forme liquide ou pads-coussins. Grâce aux conseils de mon pharmacien j’ai acheté ‘Dermal’. En 4 jours la peau de mes pieds s’est adoucis à 90 % et cela me permet de marcher,enfin,normalement!!


Hello, I'm writing this email to let you know that your product 'Dermal' solved my problem with calluses and dry heels. For years, I've tried all kinds of products containing salicylique acid in liquid form or pads-cushions. Thanks to the advice of my pharmacist I bought `Dermal'. In 4 days the skin of my feet softened 90% and that allows me to finally walk normally!!

Thank you.

I am writing to tell you that until I found Dermal Therapy Care, I had tried everything a druggist could offer, and nothing would heal my cracking fingers - this has been a problem all of my 72 years, but this product WORKS! If I have a cracked finger, I rub the cream in several times a day, and usually within 2 or 3 days, the cracks are healed. Nothing else seemed to go into my skin but just sat on top, both greasy and non-greasy creams - this one really does go in the skin. I discovered it in a chain-drugstore in Minnesota about 10 years ago and now that I live in Wisconsin, it is not on my new drugstore's shelves, but they will always special-order it for me.

I think it is good enough to write and tell you so! I will suggest to my current pharmacist that he recommend it to anyone else needing a really strong  healer.

Thank you!
Barb Hegman

Username: Nicki Tedesco
City: Auburn
Prov: N.Y
Country: USA
Date: 05 May 2006
Time: 11:06:45 PM -0400


I bought some of your Dermal Therapy Heel Care recently at a store in Niagara Fall,Canada...the results were amazing...I have spent much money on worthless foot creams...this is the ONLY product I have EVER used that really worked...Thank you so much for the best product in the world:)

Username: PAT OWERRI
City: newberg
Prov: oregon
Country: usa
Date: 07 Feb 2006
Time: 02:17:35 PM -0500



Username: Sandra Ellis
Date: 31 Jan 2006
Time: 08:47:07 AM -0500


I suffer from Rosacea and though it is not listed as one of the skin problems Dermal Therapy helps it certainly made a difference for me. The area around my nose was always breaking out and I was never without at least one pimple that was large and red. After using Dermal Therapy for about six months I suddenly realized that I was no longer having any problems with acne from the Rosacea.

Username: Debra Bruun
City: Burlington
Prov: WA
Country: USA
Date: 09 Jan 2006
Time: 11:56:29 AM -0500


This is the only product, that heels my deep splits on the feet. Thank-you.

Username: Brenda Ryckman
City: Fort Erie
Prov: ON L2A 2M1
Country: Canada
Date: 20 Dec 2005
Time: 04:41:00 PM -0500


I was recently referred to your product for my dry, cracked heels. After about 1 week of using your cream my feet looked great. I continue to use your cream after my shower each day. I recently bought your hand cream for my husband who, every year in the winter, gets dry, cracked hands that actually start to bleed. He says he loves your hand cream and that it has helped his hands tremendously. This is the first year his hands have not bled.


City: Toronto
Prov: ON
Country: CANADA
Date: 17 Dec 2005
Time: 03:11:02 AM -0500


I think your products are FANTASTIC! I can't understand why you don't advertise them more. They are always hidden in the drugstores with the prescription drugs where no one can see them. Your products have changed my life. I used to have horribly dry, tight and blotchy skin that hurt! For years, I bought expensive products from Clinique and Estee Lauder that never really helped me and I felt depressed. When I discovered Dermal Therapy, I was in disbelief at how beautiful and healthy the lotion made my skin. I am truly your biggest fan and I feel very proud that these fantastic products are made in Canada. Thank you Dermal Therapy. You have made a customer for life because your products really work.


Username: Larry Parker
City: Sarnia
Prov: Ontario
Country: Canada
Date: 19 Nov 2005
Time: 10:23:42 PM -0500


I have finally found relief for my cracked and peeling fingers using Dermal Therapy. The finger cream was temporarily discontinued where I usually shop and my fingers went into a self destructive state, cracked ,peeling and bleeding and doing heavy work caused a sever case of cracking . I called Dermal Therapy , found another supplier of the finger cream and most of all a gentle yet very effective healing trend for the skin problems with my fingers. Thank You for the support given and I now look forward to doing activities which I couldn't do when my fingers were cracked and peeling.

Thanks Alan,

Yes I am very pleased, so much so I can now do things I was unable to do because of the cracked and bleeding fingers. It has been some time if ever, I can remember the last time I did not feel discomfort from my condition. So after we spoke I told you I mentioned your comments to the plant nurse and doctor where I work. They have initiated a WSIB incident and have filled out a form 7 on the subject. So hopefully now I have some record with the Ministry that can be followed in later years if something else developes from this  situation.

 I am finding the small cream is not enough with my fingers, with applying a very small amount of cream in the large bottle. This combination has afforded me the healing needed todate. With work heavy use I still find my fingers dry a bit and have some scaling and flacking of skin,but not to the extent it was when I first met you. Thanks again for the opportunity to try some of your other products. I have yet to use the finger cream I picked up and hopefully it will not be needed,but it is there if I need it.


Username: Meena Golsorkhi
City: Scarborough
Prov: Ontario
Country: Canada
Date: 15 Nov 2005
Time: 05:05:17 PM -0500


I bought Dermal Therapy at the CNE at the end of August. I have had horrible cracks in my feet for years. I was embarrassed to wear sandals....I was always looking at other peoples feet to see if theirs were worse than mine... so I would't be the worst..... very few people had as u! gly feet as mine. I have used Dermal Therapy since then..... I cannot believe the difference.... my feet look like I have a weekly pedicure... My daughter thinks I'm insane, because I keep asking her to feel my feet. Your product is great. But where can I get it locally.... is it available in any particular drugstore in Toronto area. I have told my friend and she is also looking desperately for it. I can't thank you enough.

Username: Marianne Daniel
City: Walnut Creek
Prov: California
Country: USA
Date: 04 Feb 2005
Time: 01:08:35 PM -0500


I have diabetes and my diabetes care nurse gave me a sample of your Heel Care. I'd tried other products but none moisturized my feet enough to get rid of the cracks in my skin. Quite a different experience with your Heel Care! My skin cracks are completely gone and my heels are so smooth! I've also tried your body lotion and face care and I'm thrilled with the results. My skin is so soft and whatever wounds I have (bug bites, scratches) heal very quickly. Thanks for such great products!!

Username: Constance Ashton Myers
City: Columbia
Prov: South Carolina
Country: USA
Date: 15 Dec 2004


We did purchase your products in the "Company Store" of Bayer in Bushy Park (near Charleston), SC. But Bayer has pulled out of the location & sold the company, & there is no more "company store." I am interested in ordering from you when I have run out of my current supply. How much is the lotion, etc.?

Username: Deborah May
City: Kanata
Prov: Ontario
Country: Canada
Date: 20 Nov 2004


Well, wow...I bought your product at the drugstore...and I have been wowed by it. I have had severe excema on my hands...and I now use your product every day...a few times a has really helped the crusty, dry thick patches that bleed , crack and oozes (sorry for the yucky description), I even have before and after pics....if ever you are interested...anyways...thank goodness for your has made the world of difference for me..(..I may even have to cancel my appointment with the dermatologist) steroid creams didnt work like this . Thank you!!!!!

Prov: Quebec
Country: Canada
Date: 09 Sep 2004


I wish to commend you on the quality of your urea-based line of mosturizing products. For almost 20 years I have been treating my ichthyosis vulgaris with daily applications of 10% urea lotions. Until recently I had been quite statisfied with the Uremol 10% lotion (and occasionally Uri-Sec 10%) that I had been using over these many years. Two months ago I decided to try your 10% urea body lotion for the first time. I was surprised by the improvement in the hydration (very little flaking and no scaling now) and suppleness of my skin and, in comparison, how deficient my previous urea lotion had been in this regard. Your products varied range of products have not only considerably improved my skin qulaity but have also simplified my "therapeutic regime" as I now have urea lotions for the specific skin dryness on my feet, body and face respectively. Thank you for the difference your products have made in my life. Though I have yet to try your AHA High Potency Moisturizer, I expect to be ordering shortly. I am wondering why you also don't make that product available in drugstores as I would expect that in Canada, with our dry winter conditions, that there would be sufficient demand if awareness of the product was there.

Username: Kathy Langille
Prov: Nova Scotia
Country: Canada
Date: 19 Aug 2004


I am a 51 year olddiabetic. I have had very dry skin for the last five years. I have tried various creams on my hands and feet. My heels get severely cracked and become painful. I have had a cracked heel for the last five weeks that now has an infection. It is extremely bad such that I have been going to the hospital every three days to get it dressed. I have an appointment with a Specialist on August 24th. That is my left foot. Yesterday I went to Walmart in Amherst and enquired about your product. I bought a tube of the cream for hands, knees, etc. I put the cream on my right foot which has a samll crack after I got home and just before I went to bed. I want to tell you that last night was the first night that I could actualy feel like I had feet. Normally I have had to keep wiggling my toes through the night just to keep circulation flowing. Last night I did not have to do that. I woke up this morning and felt totally refreshed and I know it is a result of using your product on my feet. Hopefully my left foot will heal. I am going to use your product now for the rest of my life and I will be sharing my story with whoever will listen. Thank you! Kathy Langille

I was on the website yesterday to find a location for a friend at work. She tried my heel cream and Loved it (as I do..) so she went to a Shopper's in her area but they didn't have any.... We were looking for other outlets she could try. She lives in Richmond Hill and works downtown, Toronto. It is great heel cream.
Toronto, ON - Tuesday, July 27, 2004 at 09:00:14 (EDT)

A friend of mine in B.C. sent me a jar of your terrific heal care cream to try.. She gets them shipped to her by another friend in Toronto. The product is fantastic! I have tried everything on the market and until now, nothing has worked nearly so well. The cream is not greasy, absorbs quickly and does not have an odour. Now I'd like to buy some for myself - can you tell me if a particular chain of drug stores (Shoppers, Pharma Plus,, etc.) carried these products in Winnipeg, Manitoba? Hope to hear from you soon.
Winnipeg, Manitoba - Tuesday, July 06, 2004 at 20:12:47 (EDT)

Hi you guys!! I have a testimonial for you!!! Sunday I was outside all day and ended up with a burn on my face. This is the FIRST time in my life that I could actually put any cream on without reaction!!! It has been wonderful!!! Wish I had had it years ago!!! I might look like a young chick!!! Thanks!!!!!!
St Thomas, ON CA - Tuesday, May 18, 2004 at 16:07:06 (EDT)

Just wanted to say that the cream arrived sometime last week and we have already started to see a difference in the childrens skin, which is wonderful! Do you have a stockist in the UK where I could buy the cream from? Thanks Emma
England - Monday, May 10, 2004 at 09:29:58 (EDT)

I just started using dermal therapy for your heels. I'm 50 years old and have been in menopuse 2 years now. My heels started cracking about 5 years ago, since I've started using this they have all clear. Even to the extent of any indication of the lines where the cracks used to be
connie soutar
vancouver, bc canada - Thursday, April 15, 2004 at 16:21:55 (EDT)

I work all over Canada, in all weather conditions. My skin tend to be extremely dry. I have tried many many other products with little satisfaction, then I tried your product. I must say it is the best product I have ever used, the only one I will ever use. Thank you greatly.
Ronald Perfect
New Waterford, NS Canada - Monday, February 16, 2004 at 17:33:40 (EST)

FABULOUS product!!! please put a snap-cap on the 100 mL tube of dermal therapy cream for hand, elbow, knee (like on toothpaste tubes) puuuuuuuullllleeeeeeeeeezzzzzze
toronto, on canada - Friday, February 13, 2004 at 09:25:44 (EST)

I have been using your hand cream for a few years now. I have ezcema and contact dermatitis and my hands used to look like they were burnt raw. I'd have to wear band-aids on every finger because they were cracked and bleeding. At 25 years old, my hands looked like I was 80! Then I started using Dermal Therapy. It's a godsend! My hands look and feel younger and they retain the moisture better. If you could possibly create travel size so I can have it everywhere I go, that would be great!
Melissa Cheam
Burlington, ontario canada - Thursday, October 30, 2003 at 11:55:38 (EST)

Please pass this message on to where it needs to go. I did receive my order and have shared two of the bottles with two other individuals. In the short time since the order has arrived and I have been faithfully applying the lotion to my feet morning and night and wearing cotton socks for further protection, my feet are 95% better. They do not even look and feel like the same feet. Thank you for notifying me of the shipping time. May all of you at DermalTherapy continue to be blessed in all that you do, especially in providing a product for those of us who suffer from extreme dry skin. Sincerely, Kay
USA - Friday, October 10, 2003 at 13:39:32 (EDT)

I love your Dermal Therapy Heel Care cream. I found it works great on my heels that are cracked and sore. However, when I put it on my feet I don't feel comfortable walking around with the cream on my heels. Even when I wear socks, the socks seem to absorb the product and my feet don't get the full benefit. I came up with an idea to solve my issues with walking around with cream on my feet. I wrap my heel in one layer of celophane (Saran Wrap) and secure it over the top of my foot with a bandaid. I can sleep with it on, or wear it inside my shoes. The cream gets full exposure to my heels while keeping dirt from sticking to my feet and getting in to the cracks. I would like to suggest your company develop a disposable plastic mit or bootie that you could market along side your heel care. When I think of something similar, I think of the disposable gloves that come with hair colouring products. Just a thought. Thanks again for a great product.
Calgary, AB - Thursday, October 02, 2003 at 13:02:42 (EDT)

Thank you for the replacement jar you sent promptly to me. I will be a continueing user of your products because of your integrity. Janet Dunnill, Oliver, BC
Janet Dunnill
Oliver, BC Canada -

I was diagnosed as a diabetic at the age of 25. When I had my first child at 29, the changes in my skin problems became very apparent, and I could no longer ignore the changes. My hands were cracked and bleeding and I often had to wear cotton gloves to bed, but the dilemma was to find a cream that didn't burn them in the process. I found the Dermal Therapy hand cream in the diabetic section just by chance, and I have been using it faithfully ever since. I have also moved on to trying the heel cream, and then to the face care. What wonderful products!!! I don't know what I would do without them. My hands are now in great condition all year round, and I have tossed my cotton gloves. My husband told me it was like sleeping with a mime anyways. At this point I'm having a problem finding the face care product in our local stores, nobody seems to be carrying it. Not to worry, it's worth the search, or if necessary it's nice to know I can order it on line. Thanks again for such a great product.
Patricia Cullmann
Newmarket, on canada -

My husband was given some Dermal Therapy extra strength body lotion by the hospital when he had surgery a year ago. I recently found the lotion in my cabinet and started using it on my extremely dry, scaly, flaky arms & legs...even on my face. It is amazing! In my 58 year battle with dry skin I've never found anything that worked like this does...actually it is the only thing that has worked for me. This is the first time I've felt comfortable going out in public without wearing pantyhose or long sleeve blouses to hide my embarrassing flaky skin. I'm even wearing open-heel sandals. I live near Carbondale Illinois but have not been able to find your product at any of the Walmart stores. Can you tell me if there is anyone else in my area that has it? I prefer to buy it locally. I also see that you have the face lotion and want to try it as well. This product may not be a lifesaver but, for me, it's close. Thank you so much!
Brenda M

wow, this product really works. I am serious, for all you dry skin sufferers, here is a product that I can truely recommend. I have tried a lot of different dry skin lotions and nothing works comparing to this....pls try it.
mississauga, ON -

Finger Care, by Dermal Terapy, is the BEST stuff I have ever used. Within one week of using it, I had the best results that I have ever seen. I ran out and am waiting for my order to arrive, my fingers are paying the price! Thank you for a wonderful product, finally!!!
Angela Riekhof
Floyds Knobs, IN -

your product is amazing. I have contact dermatitis from my work and my hand and fingers get so dry that they crack and bleed very easily... the rash and peeling are very embarassing. I have tried everything that people could suggest... prescriptions didn't even work. I found your hand, elbow and knee cream in zellers and decided to give it a try. I put it on that night with cotton gloves and left it overnight....when I woke up the next morning my hands looked and felt normal. it is amazing, I no longer have to worry about cracking whenever I do anything. now I just use the cream every night and it undoes the damage that I do to it during the day. thank you sooooo much, I have kept my job and my sanity
vancouver, canada -

For the past three or four years my daughter (age 10) has had a real problem with her feet. In the winter her feet would become dry and crack(bleed sometimes), the skin would come off in clumps. Sometimes when they were really bad she would use scissors and cut off some of the skin that was hanging so that it wouldn't get got on her sock. We tried a lot of products, trying to find something that would work on her feet to make the better but without much luck. Up until this winter I talked to the pharmacist and he recommended Dermal Therapy. Boy are we glad he did. This has been the best winter in year for her because the Dermal Therapy heel care kept her feet clear all winter. It is a wonderful product and I even recommend it to our friends and family. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. My daughter thanks you also.
Kathy Scott

A sample of Dermal Therapy was given to me by my doctor. I have been trying to find a drug store that handles this product, but have not found one. Could you please let me know where to buy this product locally, (not on line). Thank you.
Donald Lewis
Albuquerque, NM USA -

firstly i must say thank you for making this is the best thing or i must say the best skin product for problem husband is a diabetic and he ordered five of your product one year ago and has ordered another shipment of heel care,body lotion,massage creme and lespain.they all work wonders to his works from the first application and i will recommend anyone to buy it especially diabetics. Praise the Lord for Dermal Therapy
ny USA -

Just had to let you know that I purchased your product as I am a psoriasis sufferer. I had found nothing before your product that would even stop the itching. Since using your product for a week, the site has almost entirely diappeared. My husband and I could not believe the results and relief that I have since using your product. God Bless you for creating such a wonderful product. I will certainly be buy more of it and some of the other products as well. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Lee Jefferson
New Florence, MO USA -

My doctor recomened this for my babys skin. He has some dry patches that tend to get scaley and itchy. She says it is excema. I just am not sure if I should use it on his skin. I used it 2 times and it seams to heve helped. But will this harm my babys sensitive skin? Please help. In the meantime I have tried it on my skin, and WOW it has helped me. Thank you so much.
Stellarton, Canada -

I have been using Dermal Therapy's Heel Care for about two weeks now and I can't believe how well it works! I have always had extremely dry, cracked heels. After using this cream,I now have soft, smooth heels! Heel care is a phenomenal product!! I absolutely love it!!!
Janice Wilson
Ottawa, ON Canada -

Please send order asap. I am glad to say this is the best body care lotion I have ever tried. I am ever grateful to my dermatologist for the referral.
ISherrell G Briscoe
Washington, DC USA -

i really like your product. a drug rep dropped off a tube of the dermal therapy at our office. i have been using it since and i was curious at to where i can purchase more.
lora mayfield
akron, oh USA -

I received some Heel Cream as a gift, and really liked it. I have deep cracks in my heels, and it has been the only thing that has helped. Is there anywhere that I can get it in Minnesota? I received some Finger Care lotion recently that I just started trying. After just three days, it is beginning to work. Thank you.
Patricia Becker
St. Cloud, MN USA -

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I can't believe I have found something that actually works without continuously applications. Since I was a small child my stomach and sides would crack from dryness, very painful! My hands have never been attractive because of the flaking between my fingers. And my legs always had that dry look so I never had very pretty skin. I was so excited after trying a sample that my daughter-in-law gave me, that I called all over my town to see where I could by it. Thank heavens I found a place. I now have pretty skin and am loving to show it off. My husband also loves it because now I am not greasy just soft. He has also commented or complimented it. I have raved about this product to everyone I know. The people that know me and the way my skin is have been amazed. After all these years of trying different lotions and putting them on time and again and it still not working, I just can't believe I have found this. I don't have to put it on three to four times a day just to get relief. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE never change this. You have not only given me soft and pretty skin, but also a self-confidence about the way I look. In my 35 years, I have never felt this good about my skin. I use the body lotion and foot cream. It goes such a long way it will last a long while. I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!!!
Campbellsville, Ky USA -

Hi there, my sister recommended your products. She had purchased them at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. I have very dry hands. They often have very deep painfull cracks on the fingers, which often start to bleed. My hands look red and are often very itchy. FYI - I worked for 30 years in a medical laboratory and now spend most of the summer in my garden. I see that you have many products for sale, but I don't know which one to buy or how to use it. Please advise. Thanks, A.B.
A. Bailey
Thornloe, ON Canada -

I need something for really dry skin
Deloris Palmer
Blytheville, AR 72315 -

I was 7 days away from a dermatologist's appointment when I chanced upon dermal therapy while buying a walker for my mother. Within 4 days, the skin on my fingers had healed and looked normal. I've been using it on my hands & feet ever since. It's incredible! I suffered for years with really badly cracked fingers & heels and now it's all gone. You make a wonderful product. The place where I purchased Dermal Therapy is no longer stocking it. Can you tell me if there is anywhere near Lancaster, Pa that carries this product? Thank you so much.
Mary Lou Sahd
Elizabeth Town, PA USA -

Your heel care is absolutely amazing! My heels have been dry for years, so dry that they would frequently crack and bleed. I have literally tried every product on the market, and nothing helped. After only using your product once I could already see results. Now after using your product for a few months you would never know that i suffer from dry heels. I would and do recommend your products to anyone who suffers from skin dryness. Thankyou!
Jennifer Smyth
Vancouver, BC Canada -

YOur heel care is unbelievable. There is nothing on the market that can touch its effectiveness on dry and cracked heels. I am so glad to find you online. Walmart isn't carrying it anymore and I am lost without it!
Linda S.

I have been having a problem with dry, cracked skin on my heels since I was a child. I have tried everything on the market to fix this, even prescription foot cream didn't work. I was in my local shoppers drugmart and asked the cosmetician about something. She told me she had the same problem and tried the Dermal Therapy Heel Care. She said within three days it was gone. She continues to use it and hasn't had a reoccurrence of this since. At first I was concerned about the price. It was almost ten dollars for a little container, but she said you didn't need much. I bought the cream and it was the best cream ever. My heels are back to their original softness. I owe this to her knowledge of your products and am so pleased with this I tell everyone I know to try it. Thank you for saving my from cracking. bleeding heels. I can walk without the pain.
Miss Rachele Russelo
Windsor, Ontario, Canada, USA -

Tried Heal Care out of desperation one day when visiting relatives in Alberta. Brilliant results, but can't obtain in England - have to get it sent over!. It's the best cream I have ever used and hate to be without it. Please make it available on-line to us too.
Pam McGoldrick
England -

We are so excited to find your web site- My sister ,mother and I have placed our first order. My sister's heels look like a babies bottom for the first time in years. Found this product in Powell River British Columbia. Came recommended by her pharmacist sister in law. We will tell everyone in the states!!! Cant wait for it to arrive. Thanks again. Seeing is believing!
Leah, Christi and Katie
Powell River , BC CA -

I got my first bottle of the body lotion at a Diabetes Support group and really liked it so I have been buying it every since. I have even recruited some friends by letting them sample mine and now they are buying it too! Diabetics aren't the only ones that can benefit from these products. I wish it was sold here so I could get it faster, but I am learning to buy ahead now. Thanks for coming up with such a good product!
Karen Alexander
Topeka, KS USA -

I purchased Les Pain to use on a heat rash. The results are amazing. Again, I am very happy with this product and look forward to using some of your other products in the future.
Gwyneth Embleton

I have been using your Dermal Therapy HEK cream for a couple of years to help treat psoriasis. It works like nothing else I have ever tried. Your product actually lives up to its advertising. I first used it on psoriatic skin plaques, and found that three or four times a day application could eliminate the appearance of scaling and leave the affected areas pink but free of unsightly scales. I really believe the exfolitation and moisturizing action of Dermal Therapy assisted to achieve better treatment results from sun bathing and from other prescription lotions, which I used at the same time. Those lotions on their own were not effective, until I added Dermal Therapy into my treatment regimen. My skin is now virtiually clear. I bought a squeeze bottle with a pointy inverted "J" nozzle. I trimmed the tip to a flat point and then filled the bottle with Dermal Therapy HEK cream. I use it to squeeze the cream under my nails. It is very effective at preventing the charateristic psoriatic crud buildup under the nails. I also mix some tea tree oil into Dermal Therapy to help keep my nails free of smelly bacteria, fungus, etc. My nails may still be undermined, but they are clear of crud and do not smell foul. It would be nice it you actually had a product like this, so I would not have to mix it and change containers. In any case, I have found no other cream that can do this job, and it does it very well. It is no psoriasis cure, but it helps greatly. It works so well, that on a few occasions when my local Drug Store ran out, I asked them to order more. They now stock it all the time. Cruiser
Ottawa, On Canada -

Hi, Your products are so fantastic. They have treated my hands when nothing nothing else would. Thank you so much. Also, do you have anything for lips? Thanks again.

This is the most wonderful product that I have ever encountered.I have had Ichtyosis vulgaris since I was an infant.My parent's tried everything from coal tar to melted crisco in the bath and even radiation as a young child that our doctor suggested!!!!!!!! Nothing ever worked until I discovered DERMAL THERAPY on the internet.What a pleasant surprise,that it really worked as you said it would.I am now a true beleiver and will never change products again.Thank you for giving me my life back!!!! Forever faithfull,
Dorothy Aus

You saved my hands! I just couldn't believe it. I have a severe case of eczema on my fingers and I am in need of my fingers 8 hours a day (secretary), i've been going to doctors for 5 years, getting prescriptions of cortisone (almost pure) and nothing worked! I found your "finger care cream" at Zellers Pharmacy and I couldn't believe my eyes. You actually saved my career with this little cream. Don't go anywhere without it!! Thanks again!
Edmundston, NB Canada -

Thank you so much for these Doctor has tried about everything with horrible prices attached......all failed. Then a couple of months ago, I found your Site...I feel like I have a whole new skin. May today be very special for you, all it takes is your belief that all things are possible (Phil. 4:13).
Marguerite Shepherd

My heels were wo cracked and dry that I wouldn't wear sandals at all last year. I tried everything and nothing worked. Happened to find your Heel Care at the local WalMart and gave it a try. I started using it in Jan. and by the time spring got here my heels were soft and callus free. I haven't been able to find the product in my area since but called the 1-800 number and found out I could order it by phone. Thanks so much for a wonderful product. I will never be without it again. Kay Baker
Kay Baker
Jennings, LA USA -

I am writing to you because I wanted to thank you. Your Dermal Therapy Heel Care has given me back my feet. After 2 uses I have now gone into my closet and pulled out the sandals and thongs that I haven't worn for at least three years. I thought that I would never be able to wear them again. I have faithfully gone to the foot Dr. once a month, to have my feet and heels buzzed with his electric grinding wheel, but it never did the job well enough so that I could put my heels out there, for all to see. I used a wonderful heel file, and then a warm soak in a tub, then I was ready for Dermal Therapy. Sure didn't take much. I used a thin layer and rubbed it in. The next day I couldn't believe my eyes. My feet didn't even look like my own. First thing I did was get on the phone and call my Mom, she's got even nastier feet than I did. Mom sends her THANKS too. She's had rough cracked heels for 20 years and going to foot Dr. also, but no more. Thank you so much, we continue to spread the good word about Dermal Therapy to friends and family and anyone who checks out our pretty feet. No more tears when the warm weather hits from this Mother and Daughter, thanks again Tracy Henwood and Sandra Pickering of Nanaimo B.C. Canada
Tracy Henwood and Sandra Pickering
Nanaimo , BC CA -

My husband is a diabetic and found a couple of samples of Heal Care at London Drugs in Langley, BC He came home tried them and after three days went back and bought a jar of the cream. He had a couple of samples left and gave them to me three mornings ago. I am 51 and have suffered from badly cracked and sometimes bleeding heels for the past 20 years. I have to say it is the first time in many years that I can walk without feeling a burning sensation in the back of my heels. It will take a little while longer for the cracks to heel up but in just two days there was a 50% improvement not only in looks but in circulation. When I got home from work yesterday my feet were not tired. I have always been embarrassed to wear sandals in the summer time and now I am looking forward to going out and buying a nice pair. After trying just about every cream out there it is nice to find one that works like it says it will. I am looking forward to trying out your other products particularly the face creams. I may be getting older but I want my skin to feel as young as I do. Pamela
Pamela McAleer
Langley, BC Canada -

I got a Sample. I'm 50 yrs. old and for 25 yrs or longer I have suffered from cracked Heels and hands! I tried the free sample and it worked so Great!! I would like to order more! LIVING PAIN FREE! THANKS TO YOU
Patricia A. Wills
Valley Springs, CA United States -


As a newly diagnosed diabetic, I am washing my hands much more than I ever did. Being a nurse and having to use soaps with Triclosan in them has proved to be very traumatic to my hands. They are cracked, bleeding and very sore to touch. Even my husband said how rough my hands are. I got a tube of your cream(Hands, Elbows,Feet) yesterday at the local drug store and.....I am sold. Already my hands are soft and supple. What a difference. Thank you for making such a good product.
Sussex, NB Canada -

Dermal Therapy I Would Like To Thank You Very Much For Your Product For Your Heels. I Had Such Bad Heels They Were Cracked Bleeding And Most Times I Could Hardly Walk. Now I'am Pain Free And Crack Free My Heels Look Fantastic And I Don't Feel Ashamed Of Them Anymore. Thanks To The Product You Have Made I've Tried Everything I Don't Know How I Would Manage Without It. Thanks From The Bottom Of My Heart. Cheryl
Cheryl Mehler
Pickering, On Canada -

My mother has scleroderma & diabetes. She had terrible problems with her feet cracking and causing painful sores. The Heel Care has been a real footsaver. The Alpha Hydroxy Lotion has also helped her hands. I, myself, hate hand lotion as it "sucks the air from my lungs and I can't breathe," however I can use the Dermal Therapy products and like them very much. I recommend and send the link to everyone I think could benefit from the products. The perfect gift for ones you love.
Teresa Calley
Austin, TX -

Received our first sample at a Diabetes seminar. Great product. We would prefer to purchase it locally if you would tell us what the nearest place to us would be. Waiting 3 weeks to receive an order is a long time. Thank you.
Ernalee Munday
Marysville , WA United States -

I received a care package from my sister in law for Christmas. She sent me a tube of the Dermal therapy lotion I just love it. I thought I would try some of your other products. PS she works for the BAYER COMPANY Ps she works for the Bayer Company
Cheryie Rumfelt
O"Fallon, Mo USA -

It even works in the Caribbean. Great stuff...especially the body lotion.

Hi I am writting about the dermal therpy, I found it at are supper value store in Saskatoon. The first time I have ever seen it. I have bad eczema and nothing was helping me. And I knew the problem to was that I couldn't keep the moisture in my hands. Spending money on every kind of hand cream looking for a miracle in a bottle. Well I saw yours and it said money back guarntee. So I thought I would give it one more try. With in a day I saw istantly improvement. I think not enough people know about this product and I am scare that the store isn't going to get it once the bottles are all sold. Thank's
Dora Welling
Saskatoon, Canada -

I am 59 and always had problems with my heels during the fall and winter. I tried all types of ways to remove that heavy dry crust from my heels but never succeeded until now. With Dermal Therapy, every bit of dry crust is gone and it took about 4 to 5 days at the most. My heels are like a baby's bum now. I apply a bit now and then to prevent the problem from reoccurring. I recommend this product very highly.
Remi Borris
Ottawa, ON Canada -

It works, don't change it.
Claude LeBlanc
Bathurst, NB Canada -

I was born with dry skin and applied regular lotions continuesly then, my heel started to crack last year, it go to a point where nothing work, and I mean nothing, I was distressed and miserable, after discovering and using your Heel Care product, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the other stuff. I am a loyal user fo life.
Mason Wang
Los Angeles, CA -

I was sent a tube of Dermal Therapy hand, elbow and knee cream with an order from another company serving diabetic needs. I have had cracked, peeling, painful fingers and heels for years and this product has made the condition 90% better in a matter of days. I want to try the different products. Thank you for making something that will heal my fingers. Pam Lynch
Pamela Lynch, R.N
Bedford, TX USA -

I tried your heel care with wonderful success, but when I returned to the store to find your product again. As a Registered Nurse my hands and feet take a beating and I now have a wonderful solution. I am so glad you have a web site so I can stop looking on the shelves for a miracle product. Thanks a million...
Corvallis, OR USA -

What a wonderful line of product that really work. I'm recommending "Dermal Therapy" to all my friends. B. Muma
B. Muma
Kitchener, ON Canada -

Bought Dermal Therapy heel care at Cosco's in Winnipeg, Manatoba the summer of 2000. Tried to find it in Tucson, As. without succes. When returning to Winnipeg this past summer it was not available at Costco. Tried calling the telephone number on the container both in Canada and here in Arizona and kept getting the message to enter a number that I had no idea what it was. Finally went to my trusty computer and what do you know? Your here. Your heel therapy is wonderful and do you know how great it is on the face before bedtime? Wonderful. Living in Arizona in our very dry climate ages the skin more than you would believe. Also have Seborrhea and Eczema, have never found anything that helps like your product.
Judith C. Klock
Green Valley, Az USA -

I have used thermal therapy for my hands and cracked fingers for a few years. It's the best product ,in fact the only product to help. Thank you so much.
Ardmore, Alberta -

I have tried the dermal therapy heel care and am very happy with the results.
ari rivera
Orlando, FL USA -


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