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DERMAL THERAPY is a skin research company specializing in urea-based formulations. Our fascination with urea comes from our understanding its unique ability to hydrate the skin by drawing moisture into the cell structure of the stratum corneum. We have developed special manufacturing techniques to incorporate safe yet clinically useful amounts of urea in our products without the stability problems common to other company’s urea formulations.

In Canada, Bayer Global distributes most of our products to drugstores. In the United States, Bayer Diagnostic represents us. The products are all manufactured in Toronto, Canada and available in many countries around the world.

DERMAL THERAPY’s products are designed to be very effective for dry scaly skin caused by medical disorders, the environment or normal aging. We guarantee our products to be effective even when popular moisturizers have failed.

The Principal People Behind DERMAL THERAPY ™


Dr. Parashu Singh, our Principal Scientist, joined DERMAL THERAPY in 1988 at its inception, after spending 18 years with Elizabeth Arden. We also have significant research projects ongoing with scientists in Cincinnati OH and Stockholm Sweden.

Alan Perlmutter (President)

Alan has been involved in business since graduating from University of Western Ontario, Business School in 1978. Before starting DERMAL THERAPY in 1988, he successfully created, built and managed a chain of 58 company owned retail stores.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the moisturizing performance of DERMAL THERAPY we will give you your money back. Please cut out the UPC code from the packaging and send it to us along with copy of your receipt and your comments describing why you were not satisfied and your address to:

DTR Dermal Therapy Research Inc,
3 Sprucedale CT,
London, Ontario
N5X 2N9

DTR Dermal Therapy Research Inc.

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