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Hand Barrier Lotion  10% Urea, 1% Alpha Hydroxy

Layered Protection & Skin Healing System

Dermal Therapy's protective and therapeutic moisturizers help heal dry, irritated, problem skin by settling in layers. Ingredients similar to those in healthy young skin moisturize and heal while an invisible silicone shield forms to protect skin from further contact irritation.

Urea enables hard dry skin cells to absorb and retain additional moisture. Lactic acid, the body's natural form of alpha hydroxy acid exfoliates dead skin and enhances new skin development. The silk amino acid (silk protein) helps the skin feel very smooth and supple.

  • Skin Healing Ingredients repair skin while a protective barrier repels irritants

  • Benzalkonium Chloride provides anti-microbial protection.

  • Silicone settles on top to protect the skin from the irritants that dry and damage your skin.

The Barrier Protection Lotion is most appropriate for use when skin is bothered by a contact irritant such as chlorine in pools. This is very common for people who work with their hands or frequently wash them.

While home activities such as gardening, housework and dishwashing often cause contact skin irritation many occupations such as doctors, dentists, nurses, lab and other medical personnel suffer from work induced dry skin.

Ingredient List 

Hand Barrier Lotion

NEVER Animal Tested

16 oz. / 474 ml  $28.00

People in many professions often benefit from using Dermal Therapy's Barrier Lotion to overcome their work induced skin problems. These include working in offices, restaurants, post offices, teaching, construction, law enforcement and industry.

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