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Deep Moisturizing Urea - Nature's Own Skin Moisturizer

Skin Care - MoisturizersUrea is an important part of your skin’s natural moisturizing system.

The body uses manufactured urea in the same way as the urea naturally found in the skin. Scientists call it a true “humectant” because it is an important component of the body’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF).

Urea causes hard dry skin cells to "unpack" and expose their water binding sites, thus enabling the cell to absorb and retain additional moisture. This action is also known as hydrotopic solubilization and several independent clinical investigations and studies prove that it works.

Unfortunately, urea on its own does not feel like a good moisturizing lotion. It is chemically unstable and actually leaves the skin feeling dry to the touch.

That is what makes DERMAL THERAPY such an effective formula. The pharmacists and scientists who developed DERMAL THERAPY use a special stabilized urea formulation that is precisely balanced and blended with other moisturizing ingredients including pure silk proteins and alpha hydroxy acids.

The results are efficacious moisturers that actively replenish moisture to the lowest skin depths and leave the skin looking silky smooth and feeling wonderful.

It’s a little like taking the plastic wrapper off a sponge so it can absorb better!

Do you suffer from any of these damaging skin conditions?

All of our moisturizers containing over 10% urea will be effective at hydrating the dry hard skin associated with damaging skin conditions.

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